The downfall

Sad girl

How a teenager’s life got ruined because of generation & communication gap

by Zoha Khalid
Islamabad, Pakistan

Sometimes we and our elders think that the major cause of a teenager’s downfall is negligence towards studies and they doubt that their children are involved in some bad habits and activities. But the elders didn’t notice or try to find out what exactly is their problem and the children in their shyness or because of fear do not tell or make their parents understand their real problems. Here is a true story of downfall of a girl in her life.

There was a girl who was a bright and successful student till she got the real jerks in her life. When she was in 10th grade, she became friends with a guy. It was a real and sincere friendship like one could never even here but the mistake these both made was that they hid that friendship from their parents. After 10 months of friendship, the girl’s parents came to know about her friendship and got very angry. The girl tried a lot to make them understand that there isn’t anything wrong between them but the parents were not willing to listen. They called the boy to their house and insulted him, and the boy just listened to them because he didn’t want to misbehave with them. He was from a really good family and he was not taught to misbehave with the elders. Then he went back his home.

The girl’s parents didn’t understand how to handle this situation and they made their daughter grounded for some days telling her that the guy was just playing game with her thats why he never contacted back but the reality was that the girl’s parents threatened the boy and his family even though the boy was innocent. All this passed away but the result of that was horrible, the girl in revenge against the boy and her parents became evil and left all the good deeds she had before. Earlier, she used to be an honest and friendly girl but afterwards she transformed herself into a girl without emotions. She made many male friends that she can talk with and make fun with. She also made herself mentally and physically tortured because of her depression.

Now that girl is a failure in her life, she faced downfall in every aspect of her life. This was only because her parents think that friends are not essential for one’s life. Thy might think like this because they both themselves didn’t get good friends ion their lives so they think that their daughter too should not make friends. Its not like they were wrong but they were not able to understand their daughter and they could not handle the situation properly. They did not have the time to listen to their daughter and solve her problems in a humble manner. The last words from the girl I interviewed were “Life is really painful!”.


  1. Jehanzeb Khan says:

    Um, it’s baffling to pick a side in this predicament. Zoha, I’ve experienced such situations around me pretty closely and frequently. Given the environment, I wouldn’t chastise the parents on being skeptical about boys. It’s tough and embarrassing enough for me to revolt against my own clan but, it is what it is. I’m not saying that the friendship was a sham, and something for the parents to over-react so dramatically about, but what i do know is that what they chose to do was out of pure intention.

    Other than that, I also agree that the manner in which they channeled their indulgence was obnoxious. A little trust in their daughter would’ve pitched in to raise her morale and nurture her ability to see the good in life.

    We can only envisage the pain and regret the girl might be going through. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be a justification to screw up their entire lives just for the sake of a friendship. Life is full of remorse after the unfinished commitments one has encountered and succumbed to.

    If they say life is really painful, they also say “Life’s more than what sentiments can feel or the naked eyes can perceive”.

  2. Abid Zain says:

    The situation described by Miss Zoha is realy close to the nature of human. With the spell of age, the level of thinking and perception of conditions and relationshops is changed. Now I am son, and thinking like Zoha but when stage of parents, my perception and interpretation will be different in the situations like these. In our society it is too hard to accept such relations among girls and boys but training matters to tackle these relations which is major lacking in our society that is the real problem.

    The situations like these must be resolved sensibly with love, care and looking inside the story. the parents must care more for such children to own them so they must provoke the concept that the care and love of parents is also of great importance than passion and sentiments.

    Its my personal view, kindly must comment if i have a wrong concept.

    Abid Zain
    Drug Inspector Bahawalpur

  3. Abdul Moeed Khan says:

    Your story is a quintessence of matters which are “explicable but not justifiable”. Life as we know it, is grim rather excruciating at times but still you get chances to rejoice and times of felicity. Both of these bleak and radiant aspects of life remain indelibly imprinted on your mind. Now it’s up to you whether you are downcast and despondent enough to even ruin the moments worth savoring, or counter the awful truths and bitter realties by fighting them valiantly when they are happening and forgetting them afterwards, or if you can’t forget then just take it as a part of your life. Its utterly irrational and insane just to consume your life so cheaply.

    And that girl was in 10th grade. Such a nascent age, springing with juvenescence deserves not to be jeopardized and annihilated like that. Life is in dire necessity of COMPROMISES at places which are COMPENSATED later. Mark my words, one should never have an “All or nothing approach”. One should never be too optimistic because it can lead to serious pessimism if you cravings and yearnings aren’t fulfilled. Just be PRAGMATIC. Life is not a utopia but concrete reality which needs to be dealt carefully!!!
    And parenthood is far superior a relation than friendship!!!

  4. Zoha Khalid says:

    this story is not for blaming the parents or children. it is for telling the world that only parents can be with you at the time you need. they scold you, they beat you but at the same time they hug you and love you… the only need is to end the communication gap between parents and children. and for kids i want to say that never ever lie to your parents no matter what happens … GOOD LUCK all for future. keep your parents happy and you will be happy automatically..

  5. fatima zaidi says:

    wel this is really very true…….this is also describing my story of painful liife a bit…………………..”life is just like those celebrities who are shown happy everywhere but consists of pain somewhere in their heart.”

  6. Zoha Khalid says:

    yes fatima. you are right but the life is painful only when we make it. if we do the right things without caring that it will return to us. then no matter how late but victory is ours…
    and life is a gift . donot misuse it . just enjoy it . stay happy. and take care of your loved ones

  7. Samina Ghazi says:

    it is true but when youngers obey and trust their elders, they can never face the downfall.
    and the main problem of all the difficulties is anger and ego. so stay away from these.

  8. khizer saghher says:

    story is superb it teaches us lesson that we should tell every thing to our parents..nice work

  9. Sheri says:

    By the way…
    what in turn happened with the boy was he also affected just like the girl was……..?????????

  10. Zoha Khalid says:

    @sheri: yeah in some way. . but the good news is that both the girl and the boy are coming back to normal life. the are not together anymore but they have learned alot from their mistakes


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