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Show Watch: Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries - Eleyna Gilbert & Stefan Salvator

by Javaria Atiya Waheed

It’s no longer Edward Cullen. It’s Stefan Salvatore. It’s no longer Jacob Black. It’s Tyler Lockwood. It’s no longer Bella Swan. It???s Eleyna Gilbert. “Twilight” is a thing of the past, swept away by the new heart-throbbing “Vampire Diaries”. And there are quite a few things which make it so catchy. I remember watching the first season in just two days and based on a book, I didn’t expect it to be so sufficing. The story is not just a romantic love story: it is a thriller with all the edgy twists and turns required and we always know that there is a recurrent story line (Now I am not going to tell you what that is, otherwise what’s the fun?). Set in the beautiful Mystic Falls, each episode goes back to the same theme of love, betrayal and suspense and you will never find yourself at a loss of interest. But obviously, that’s the book. What is so special about the “show” itself?

The Vampire DiariesThe actors chosen are absolutely proficient at what they do. Three protagonists, out of whom two are somewhat the antagonists too; each has been explored to its fullest ability. The protagonist played by Nina Dobrev, isn’t just Eleyna Gilbert for us. She plays the role of the antagonist too: the evil vampire Katherine, her doppelganger. The expertise, with which she does it, is just astounding and shows us what a versatile actor she is. Whether it is her expressions or her line delivery, you will never feel that Dobrev is being too redundant. Whenever you will be getting too much of Eleyna, the director will skillfully get in Katherine to show Dobrev’s flexibility, never letting you get bored of her. Same goes for the rest of the protagonists.

When the first season opened, Damon Salvator for us was the malevolent vampire, one ready to harm his own brother and the love of his life. But as the season progresses, we are shown glimpses of his soft side; though every time the audience would be changing their opinion of Damon, he would do something wicked again. Something that would make you loathe him all the more. That’s how lithe an actor Ian Somerhalder is. When the second season opens, the Damon Salvator you knew in the first season is gone, making you long for each episode even more. Paul Wesley playing the role of Stefan Salvator is no less. He, very dexterously becomes the soft-hearted Eleyna-loving Stefan for us, and he very skillfully turns into the uncontrollable, blood-thirsty vampire too. However, the flexibility of the protagonist isn’t always enough, and this show doesn’t forget that. Whether it is Steven.R.McQueen playing the role of Eleyna’s younger brother Jeremy, whose role has shown a drastic change since the first season, or Katerina Graham playing the role of the best friend witch Bonnie, each actor makes the show all the more interesting and addictive and not superfluous at all. With the exception of a few, “Vampire Diaries” is serving as the big “break” for most of the actors, and they are clearly making full use of the opportunity given to them. However one other special feature of “Vampire Diaries” is its music. Each episode will feature a range of genres unlike shows like ???Gossip Girl” or “Chuck??? which focus entirely on hip-hop or indie respectively. Songs like “Only Happy when it Rains” will also be there and songs like “Come Home by One Republic feat Sara Bareilles” will also be recognized. New songs which are already on your lips are featured in each episode giving you a more familiar feeling. The pilot episode itself included songs such as “Dreaming out Loud (One Republic)” and “Now or Never (The Fray)”. Moreover, for music fanatics, the show has also brought to the limelight some marvelous singers never heard before. Jason Walker with his song “Down”, Joel and Luke with their song “Love’s to Blame” or Moby with her song “Temptation”, singers worth recognition are getting their part of fame through this show and the list is never-ending. Music adds on to the feel of what one is watching and “Vampire Diaries” never lets us down in this quarter. I would personally recommend all the songs as worth listening especially when the show’s music is being compared to that of “The O.C” and let us not forget what a hit those volumes were.

But like everything, there are a few criticisms attached as well. Where every show does need a continuous suspense and thrill, a little break is never too bad. Normally, it is Damon Salvator who gets the light-hearted touch every now and then, but never is there an episode which is free of all the tensions surrounding Mystic Falls: never is Mystic Falls a safe haven for the people living there and that just makes it a little too gloomy.

Despite everything, “Vampire Diaries” is a show worth watching: a show which will keep you on the edge of your seat for sure and make you thirst for a new episode each time one ends. The story will grip you till the very end and the actors and the music will make you fall in love with the show all the more. With twenty-two episodes concluding the first season, and eleven out from the second one, this show is constantly climbing up the charts. Let’s see if it reaches a lost end like the “Heroes” or a heroic one like “Lost”.

Only time will tell I guess.


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