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He is a good looking Ullu Da Patha!

by Avisha Sharma

Yeh to Bush ka Chacha Hai! This punch line is from the movie “Tere Bin Laden” which is a story of a young journalist who is deported from USA due to his actions on board from Pakistan. There on he wishes and plans this million dollar fake on seeing Nura (similar looking to Osama) at a murga match. He teams up with other creative heads and thus produce a fake tape to his own boss for a good handsome price. All of them are happy with the money including Nura, but slowly the USA feels that it is a threat to their national security and decide to send a special team to Pakistan. There on the adventure and the drama begins which ofcourse I am not gonna write to keep the suspense alive.

Tere Bin Laden by Ali Zafar

You must be wondering why is the title says “He is a good looking Ullu Da Patha”. If you haven’t watched the movie, the line is taken from a song of this movie. Few lyrics from the song are:

Ennu maara ya khud nu peetan
Ullu ullu ..
O he’s a goodlooking ullu da pattha
O he’s a goodlooking ullu da pattha

Paun jahan bhi dil America

O he’s a goodlooking ullu da pattha

All thumbs up for Ali Zafar and Noora  (Nura) for keeping the seat belt tight enough for not landing anywhere safely. The best line was from Nura  ”Aye mere AANDE..” You must watch this movie for some real good rib tickling for 2 long hours!


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