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Taylor Momsen disclosed as the visage for Madonna’s “Material Girl” contour

by Javaria Atiya Waheed

First, Madonna launches a fashion line alongside her 13-year-old daughter for Macy’s. Then, she picks Taylor Momsen as the face of “Material girl”. Clever move, don’t you think?

Taylor Momsen, who is a regular actor in the CW series, Gossip Girl, has gained immense popularity amongst the youngsters during the course of the three seasons. Despite being repeatedly slammed by critics for being caught smoking on the sets of Gossip Girl, Taylor has paved her way through. Critics have frequently condemned Taylor for not being an appropriate role model for the teenagers, for which Momsen has given a curt “I don’t care” statement in reply. With this, the 16-year-old has never lost the limelight and has remained on the well-dressed lists of fashion magazines for quite some time now, which is exactly what wedged Madonna’s attention.

Since, the fashion line has been said to be inspired by the 80’s, Taylor Momsen was Madonna and Lourdes prime candidate, since she has always been famous for her 80’s look. With Momsen as the face, the line is expected to hit a head start given that she is prominent amongst the teenagers and the line is tween-oriented.

A promotional image shows Momsen in a striped skirt paired with leather boots and lots of silver bangles, minus the inch thick layer of mascara. As the frontage of the rock band, The Pretty Reckless, the look seems to go along with Momsen’s rock-star, threadbare look and where critics are seen as protesting over her appointment in the near-future, the fashion line has done itself a great favor by taking Momsen as its face.

The Material Girl Collection will be available in Macy’s stores beginning August 3rd.


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