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Kasandra Perkins murdered by own boyfriend Jovan Belcher

Jovan Belcher killed Kasandra Perkins and did suicideJovan Belcher’s girlfriend Kasandra Perkins was murdered by none other than Jovan himself has sadenned the football fans worldwide.

Reports are now claiming that the relationship between Kasandra Perkins and Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher was not that good and they were having tensed relations. The relationship ended in a shooting incident when Jovan Belcher shot her with a gun in his hands.

This murder cum suicide incident is an unfortunate incident in the history of football. Jovan gew up in West Babylon, New York and played in his high school before he took admission in University of Maine.

Their love life was very challenging and that had its impact on this incident.

Kasandra’s cousin Angela Perkins also told media that Kasandra & Jovan’s relationship was not that good especially after birth of their daughter. They had lot of stress because Kasandra was about to have a baby and Jovan was about to start his season.

Jovan’s fans all over the world are sad because of the unfortunate death he had alongwith his girlfriend.


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