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In her shoes

by Jehanzeb Khan

Fashion has always been a framework of art to the laymen. A channel of representation of the talents of various individuals, regardless of their cast, creed or religion. Art/Fashion in itself is an intangible concept, breathed life into by the mere fiddling paint brush of a painter or the clicking fingers of a pianist or the brisk walks of a model on the ramp.

Female models of a country are more than just fashion bearers for the talented cloth designers and eminent cosmetic bands. While cat walking, the models appear to be just dolls or puppets whose strings are being pulled by their masters in a very methodical manner but the fact is, these ambassadors of fashion and indigenous culture do have a human side to them that we never bring to the surface.

Behind the scintillating lights and flamboyant clothes, adding to the glamour of the industry, Pakistani feminine models come from mediocre family backgrounds. They resemble a typical Pakistani girl in many ways. The extravagance and the paparazzi is just an outward show. Our models are more known for their soft tongue and soft heartedness. They frequently engage in charity acts to assist their country people through poverty and educate the youth. Most models feel empathy towards poverty stricken people because they had that life once. Some of these artists were raised by single mothers and others with non compliant parents. Some of them were fortunate enough to get quality education, but others had to work their way through college/universities to achieve a degree. They’ve been through their share of the misfortunes and hardships in life. May it be cancer, or rehabilitation, they’ve struggled through it all. These ‘dolls’ as we call them, manage to maintain family ties along with boosting the country’s economy by setting up new industries and attracting new businesses to our land. From commercials to T.V, drama, movies and shows, their dedication, apart from modeling, has been remarkable. Campaigning for Human Rights, malnourished youth and restoration of peace have always been some of the many voluntary works of these trend-setters.

I was inspired to do my research, both with personal interaction and skimming through eminent interviews of models, after a mellow tea-time rendezvous with a female colleague of mine in Lahore, who just stepped into this business.

“The beguilement of a model comes with many hidden astringent truths”, a liner, gloomily uttered by the anonymous lady, who for all we know, might be the next Pakistani fashion icon.


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