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The Kashmiri “Lamhaa” (Movie Review)

Lamhaa Movie - Bollywoodby Jehanzeb Khan

Lamhaa is the new sensational bollywoood flick, fraught with action and thrill, upcoming in 2010. The plot of the feature film revolves around an obnoxious ambience set in Kashmir. The valley, as we all know it, is portrayed as a paradise that now knows an end to its beauty. It is now a playground to the depraved and contaminated minds of the ones who serve to monetary gain and refute moral rectitude.

A firm in the valley is generating an obscene amount of money that is being consumed by the upholders of constitutions, militants, highly ranked army and intelligence officials, following bureaucrats, of both Pakistan and India. Unfortunate to their cause, the intelligence agency cracks down this advancement and deploys a mercenary into Kashmir to sabotage the operation. Sanjay Dutt plays the role of the undercover foreign officer that impersonates ‘Gul Jehangir’ to gel in the community. Concurrent to his arrival, Haji (Anupham Kher), a separatist leader, survives a bomb blast attack. Thrown into bewilderment and suspicion, Sanjay dutt teams up with the Haji’s daughter, Aziza (acted by Bipasha Basu), to find a link between the enigmatic blast happening and the stirring up controversy. Aziza is well determined and staunch young disciple of her father Haji who has dedicated his life, since childhood to voicing the anguish of the Kashmirites, amidst the prevailing tyranny against the Azad Kashmir Movement.

Aarif (Kunal Kapoor), a prominent role in the picture, is a former militant and a present youth leader. Today, many Kashmiris can be empathetic to his situation. Aatif, although pro-freedom like the rest of the characters in his surrounding, has a tendency to follow his own set of rules to attain what he wants.


The film was shot over a tenure of 3 years. Hindrances like the mob cluttering at the filming venue and instabilities involving the army-local disputes, were encountered.

Bipasha Basu, due to some unforeseen circumstances, had to abruptly leave the set for home. Later, releasing to the press she was apprehensive of the shooting due to security concerns, but returned after hearing of the replacement prospect. Already, Karishma Kapoor had backed out of the movie at the last minute before Bipasha. The director, Rahul Dholakia collapsed on the sets and shooting on one of the days, delaying the shoot after doctors advised Dholakia bed rest for one month.

Let’s see how the fate of these three individuals pans out in the course of the movie!


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