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Ann Romney motivating & urging undecided voters to fall in love with her husband as she did

Wonderful speech was delivered by Ann Romney today. Ann Romney the amazing women that has suffered with illness, miscarriage and what not but struggled and emerged with grace.

Ann Romney Speech motivation undecided voters

Ann Romney urging undecided voters to fall in love with her husband as she did.

There was a day when Ann Romney along with her husband was standing in doctor???s office and heard the bad news, the diagnosis report. In such situation no one can even image that she would be on-stage like the way she was tonight. Ann Romney said she didn???t live a marriage that one can find in storybooks instead she and her husband have faced many hardships. But they still lived the love of their life, a love that have withstand by everything.

Now I don’t know what your opinion about this speech is? How would I know since it all depends on your previous feelings about Ann Romney which may have changed either if you have watched it on the television or going to hear about it.

CBS has conducted poll about it, according to which around thirty-two percent said they didn’t know enough about Ann Romney to give any opinion. Today’s speed can be kind of introductory message about Ann Romney thoughts, ideas & campaigns for those thirty-two percent.

Ann Romney where discussed many other things also talked about, how they eat tuna fish and pasta as a newlywed couple, how they have enjoyed the beginning of their married life. Ann Romney also threw some light on how women have to keep the household in their minds regardless whatever they are doing etc

In short Ann Romney has delivered a great speech, there might be many people having different may be negative thoughts about her husband “Mitt Romney” but after her speech there are bright chances that the views would have got new directions now.

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