Thoughts (a poem)

by Zoha Khalid
Islamabad, Pakistan

Sitting alone in my bed
Many thoughts came in mind
Thoughts of some happy things
That makes my all past rewind

Thoughts of childhood, when I was small
My mother always saves me from fall
I crawl and cry like turtle and snake
Chasing everyone and passing the ball
Everyone gives me sweet names
My elders start playing me sweet games
No worries, no tensions not at all
Having snapshots and making frames
Celebrating birthdays like wedding day
Spending so much money in the treats
Everyone came and gave me gifts
Makes my birthday beautiful and sweet
Thoughts of childhood, when I was small
My parents make me great and tall

Thoughts of when, I start going to school
So innocent beings so easy to fool
Making so many friends and foes
And thinking myself a head to rule
Teachers love me and make me sit
In their laps for a long time
And when I got uneasy and upset
They started revising me a rhyme
Whenever doing any mischief
And by chance having success in that
Saying to everyone, “Oh! That was nothing”
And be in everyone’s sights great
Thoughts of when I started going to school
Passed all classes and played my role

Thoughts of youth, when I reached adolescence
Started thinking useful, which made sense
But that was the most difficult period
When teens think good for all nonsense
Besides studies get engaged in other activities
Making myself groom with so many qualities
But all that mean time no one understands
That I was indulging myself in difficulties
Whatever elders say I thought that was wrong
Making own observations without thinking
Besides all realities I got caught up
And set myself in a boat for sinking
Attempting so many deeds which were good only for me
Never waiting for anything to happen and see
Thinking myself as a very good being
And making so many mistakes that were not seen
The only mistake made many others
This suddenly made my life flutter
Made vanish away my all best friends
Just because I left them for one trend
Never listen to anyone, but just me
The world was not sorry and never did I
But still some people were with me
Not only were with me but are with me
And not only are with me, but be always with me
And if they are with me I don’t need anyone with me
These are none other than my Mom and Dad
They colored those pages that were gone fade
Thinking of my past is not useful
But making my present is fruitful
Thoughts of youth, when I reached adolescence
Started realizing, how much it was nonsense

I m still in my bed, and thinking the same
People played me so many games
I m warm and healthy in my mattress
Not because of my blanket but my Mom’s caress
I m confident and strong and very free
Not because of myself, but because my dad trusts me
All that I get is everything for me
All the love I have is just for thee (parents)
But I have no regret on my past
Because I didn’t lose anything
From the grieves and worries of my past
The lesson I learned is everything
Whenever you are alone, you are not actually
Whenever you cry you didn’t cry yourself
The tears that fall on your face
Are not yours but of your Mother’s
The hands you raise to wipe them
Are not yours, but of your Father’s

The coolness you need in summer
Is really the care of your loved one’s
The warm blanket you put on in winter
Is really the hug of your Mother
The pain you receive is not at all yours
It is the small part of pain your Mother feels
The every small achievement you got is not only yours
But it’s the hardworking of your Father’s deeds

Sometimes we thing that god is not with us
This only happens when we think it
He is with us every time in life
And he will be for and after life Anything we think bad happens to us is
The best thing which can happen to us
He is with us, even when we are wrong
He is jus waiting for us to say sorry

Sometimes we think we lost everything But, that is the time everything is ours

Sitting alone in my bed Many thoughts came to my mind
Thoughts of some happy things
That made my all past rewind

I think myself the luckiest person because I have loving and caring parents and my best friend “ALLAH” – Zoha Khalid


  1. Ali Abbasi says:

    really gud nce ideas….xeee

  2. Fatima Hasan Zaidi says:

    really nice……………

  3. Fatima Hasan Zaidi says:

    i have a suggestion for the site’s owner y don’t u make a separate corner for all the poems

  4. Karrar says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Fatima!

    We are working towards categorizing articles (including poems) in a way as to be easily accessible and supportive to our dedicated authors.


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