My bench, street & walk (poem)

Love Bench

by Zoha Khalid
Islamabad, Pakistan

Thinking all the nice times, I had in my life
Tears drop away on my smile
I am not sad, but its bad
That all good time ends up so early
The bench on which we sat and chat
You come close to me and i stayed back
You desire to take me in your arms
And the pain you move away

Love heartsMy Bench, street and Walk
Want to forget that but i can’t
I wnt to ask you, how to..
Let it go

You placed your head in my lap
I am running my fingers through your hair
You saying to me, not to stop that
And i am watching you, how you close your eyes
Our street of love , we had alot
While walking you pull me to you
I kiss you
Darkness of that street just move away

My Bench , Street and Walk
I want to let that go but I can’t
I wanted to ask you, if you want to
Forget that too

And whenever that site, remind me My life
Remind me the one i have just lost
The tears don’t stop , coming out of my eyes
Maybe its because I loved him alot

My Bench, Street and Walk
I want to forget that, but i can’t
Want to find the way
Want to get away
From whatever i had

Want to be alone
Not to miss anyone
Sweetheart , but tell me the way
Or else i’ll be mad
I want to let all go

My Bench, Street and Walk


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