Nature questioning mother earth (poem)

Mother Earthby Zoha Khalid
Islamabad, Pakistan

Mother earth; I’m dying
Seems like i’m flying
to the place where i have came from
I’m burning and I’m confused
and my wishes are just refused
of giving me back my home

They cut me, slaughter me, burn me
As much they could , they hurt me
They take me as a gift for someone
and i’m sorry to say , its everyone

Mother; what are the intentions of our neighbors
Or what they will do next
Is there any a useful way
for them the great , and for us the best

Musical Sequel: “Loud”-ly making its way up!

by Javaria Atiya Waheed

“So maybe I am a masochist,
I try to run, But I don’t want to ever leave
Til the walls are going up
In smoke with all our memories”

A few months back, the whole world accepted that Rihanna and Eminem were the unstoppable ones after the release of the incredible “Love the Way you Lie???. And it seems that they have chosen to prove us right yet again: they ARE relentless. The duo is back, and with nothing else but a sequel to their chart-topper ???Love the Way you Lie”: a sequel which Rihanna described as a “challenge??? to MTV. The fame they scraped out of “Love the Way you Lie” didn’t seem to quench their thirst and so they decided to come back: this time Rihanna feat Eminem rather than the other way around. Featured in Rihanna’s album “Loud”, “Love the Way you Lie Part 2”has already been released as a single and is topping the charts as expected. The story has enveloped the world in its blanket again and its viewing on Youtube is on a phenomenal rise.

Rihanna and Eminem - Love the way you lie

Everyone in the music world has questioned the mental acuity of Rihanna and Eminem: why would someone want to release a sequel to a song which is already showing no signs of leaving people???s mind? Rihanna herself agreed that she had some qualms regarding the follow-up but then Eminem came up with a “sick” verse and the duo decided to give us a song, which together with the 1st part, has given a perfect love story. Better than Taylor Swift’s maybe.

The story is the same. So are the characters. The only thing that is different is the perspective. Where the 1st part gave us the story of the violent relationship from Eminem’s standpoint, this time we get to hear Rihanna’s side of the story. Slower beats but greater aggressiveness, Love the Way you Lie Part 2, is the brutal sequel to a smashing beginning. This time Eminem just has one verse to sing, but the force with which he has executed it, is outstanding: it is more like we can see his face with those lines of fury, following the girlfriend like “a lost puppy”. Rihanna???s voice lets us feel the pain and the way both the singers have put themselves in the shoes of the characters has given us a story to never forget. Rihanna’s album “Loud” is bound to top the charts: with songs such as “Only Girl (in the world)” which has already been included in Gossip Girl’s latest episode, the album is sitting on an out-of-the-way pinnacle, ready to smash loudly on the charts.

The only question in everyone’s mind now is this: how good will the new video be? Will Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan get us to the edge of our seats again, or will it be someone different? Time will tell, I guess. Until then,

”Just gonna stand there and watch me burn / that’s alright because I like the way it hurts/ just gonna stand there and hear me cry/ that’s alright because I love the way you lie/ I love the way you lie”.

My bench, street & walk (poem)

Love Bench

by Zoha Khalid
Islamabad, Pakistan

Thinking all the nice times, I had in my life
Tears drop away on my smile
I am not sad, but its bad
That all good time ends up so early
The bench on which we sat and chat
You come close to me and i stayed back
You desire to take me in your arms
And the pain you move away

Love heartsMy Bench, street and Walk
Want to forget that but i can’t
I wnt to ask you, how to..
Let it go

You placed your head in my lap
I am running my fingers through your hair
You saying to me, not to stop that
And i am watching you, how you close your eyes
Our street of love , we had alot
While walking you pull me to you
I kiss you
Darkness of that street just move away

My Bench , Street and Walk
I want to let that go but I can’t
I wanted to ask you, if you want to
Forget that too

And whenever that site, remind me My life
Remind me the one i have just lost
The tears don’t stop , coming out of my eyes
Maybe its because I loved him alot

My Bench, Street and Walk
I want to forget that, but i can’t
Want to find the way
Want to get away
From whatever i had

Want to be alone
Not to miss anyone
Sweetheart , but tell me the way
Or else i’ll be mad
I want to let all go

My Bench, Street and Walk

Put a ring on it (celebrity weddings)

by Javaria Atiya Waheed

It seems like 2010 is the “Year of Weddings???. Where stalker fans are not even done mourning the wedding of alluring Megan Fox, names are continuously being added to the list. Names which admirers had wished would never have the title “married” attached to them! For the happiness of some fans and the sadness of others, here are some celebrities who have “put a ring on it” since the beginning of 2010.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green marriage wedding1. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox has never lost the spotlight: whether it is for her sensational role in Transformers or her infant yet rising career, 24- year-old Fox is one of the most popular celebrities of her time. And not surprisingly, the list of her male fans is never-ending. So when photos of her wedding with Brain Austin Green became official…well, people were surprised.
Despite their rocky past, and the evolution from being a fiancé, to an ex-fiancé, to a fiancé again, Green has given Fox the typical fairytale wedding…a nuptial that every girl dreams of—a Hawaiian wedding at sunset. Yes, let the “awww(s)” flow in. Green 36, and Fox 24, tied the knot on 24 June, with the only guests being very close friends, and Green’s 8-year-old son. According to a very close source, the wedding was very “hush, hush” and only close friends were present and “sworn to secrecy”.

Well, Fox doesn’t stop here. Recent news reported that she is already considering the option of having a baby. The wedding was enough of a shock you know, she doesn’t have to do that now. Anyway, we wish the couple a very blissful married life….despite its unpopularity in Hollywood…

John Krasinksi Emily wedding marriage2. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

Just like Megan fox, Emily Blunt, 27, has always been popular with the fans, either for her looks, her British accent or for her role in “The Devil wears Prada”. And the partner, John Krasinski, 30, the witty “Jim” from “The Office” has never lost the spotlight too. So when the two announced that they were engaged to be married, there was surprise, along with some delight.

And it seems like fairytale weddings are becoming the norm. Not as hush-hush as the Megan Fox wedding, the couple got married in the City of Love, Italy at Villa D’este on July 10th. Blunt wore a custom cream chiffon sweetheart draped Marchesa gown with embroidered detail. It was an outdoor ceremony with A-list guests like George Clooney and his girlfriend included on the list.

Good looks, amazing sense of humor and pleasant temperaments: these two have it all. The perfect couple as they are, wishes of harmony are with them for all times!

3. Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher:

Remember the sweet, naïve American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood? Well, that was back in the days. She’s 27 now and has already tied the knot with hockey player, Mike Fisher, after one year of engagement. And guess when she did it? July 10, 2010, within hours of the Blunt-Krasinski wedding! Surrounded by pink, Underwood had a typical fairytale wedding at the Ritz Carlton, Greensboro, Georgia. Wearing a Monique Lhuiller gown, she changed quickly into a cocktail dress following the ceremony, saying she wanted to get her “boogie” on.

The guests numbered more than 250, including Idol judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Guest found their table assignments on hockey pucks and a four-course meal. “I felt like a princess”, she said. Well, we sincerely hope Fisher keeps you like one!!

4. Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese:

Jared Padelecki is well-known for his role as “Sam Winchester” in the hit CW TV show, Supernatural, and remember the season where he almost fell in love with this irresistible evil demon, Ruby? Well, turns out that behind the scenes, Genevieve Cortese was way more irresistible for Padelecki.

Two months after confirming their engagement, the beautiful couple tied the knot on February 27 2010, in Cortese’s hometown Sun Valley, Idaho. Where Jared’s brother Jeffrey served as the best man, his co-star Jensen Ackles was one of the groomsmen! Family and friends attended the wedding and the couple was seen to be enjoying every bit of it.

Well, lovers of Sam, you need to back out now: the demons have won the war.

5. Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris

And turns out that there was to be a second “Supernatural” wedding in three months! On May 15 2010, a little after the Padelecki-Cortese wedding, Jensen Ackles, the older brother “Dean Winchester”, tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Danneel Harris of One-Tree Hill fame. The two got married in a small, private ceremony, in Dallas, Texas. According to People???s magazine, “The bride walked down the aisle wearing a classic strapless white Monique Lhuiller gown from the Fall 2010 collection, while the groom was decked out in a traditional tuxedo”.

Dean Winchester’s character has been immensely popular ever since its inception and especially with the “Eye of The Tiger??? cameo appearances that he does, there is no question on to why that’s so.
Seems like the Winchester brothers are done hunting, eh?

Weddings are in the vogue, isn’t it? And there is Hilary Duff and Jennifer Hudson in line, and God knows, by the end of 2010 how many would have lost their “single-ness”.

Well, gossip is always interesting and so are these weddings. When cases like those of Mel Gibson and his domestic violence come to light, we are left to ask: How long are these young couples going to last? Time will show, I guess. Until then, ciao.

No infidelity in love

Love Heartsby Zoha Khalid
Islamabad, Pakistan

Definition of love changes with the thinking perspectives of people, but the love does not. The concept of love varies from person to person but the feeling does not. What is love actually? Do we know what does it mean? As for me, love is me. I am the love and the person related to me is my love.

It is not an eternal feeling, it is just a feeling – the voice of heart. As there is no infidelity in God, so as in love there is no infidelity either. We love God as we all know that only he is ours, only he listens to us and only he provides us the happiness we want. Just think if we take someone equal to God, what will happen? We’ll be destroyed as erupted volcanoes, disturbed as a flood, and we’ll be falling down as a shooting star which has no destiny. As I have faith in God, I have faith in my love and I believe in that and as long as I believe in tha, l will not be down ever.

My love is with my father as well – I love him and I have a faith in him that as long as my father is with me, no one on earth can harm me. He is my pride. He is like a king to me. I am his princess and his love is like a castle to me. He is a sea and I am a mermaid who is nothing without a sea. My father is my love of life and he is everything to me and as long as I just rely on my father and do not confuse his status with anyone else, I will be successful in life. This is what love means to me.
My love is with my mother – I love her. She is like a blanket in the winter’s cold. She is like a shade of a tree to me, my paradise – for which I do not have to struggle to get it. It’s just mine. She is like a melody without which my song is incomplete. She is my world and she is the love of my life. And if I count some other person to her place in my life then it’ll be cruel to me and my mother.

My love is with my special one, who teaches me if I love someone else than him this way then he will never accept it. He says that I only belong to him and he belongs to me. He teaches me that as there is no infidelity in God, then its also not in love. These words whisper in my ears and I don’t feel alone as he claims his authority in me. I like the way he scolds me on my stupid deeds. True love does not mean that we start doing wrong things to get it. Your true lover never persuades you to do anything wrong for him even if doing the good things make you apart. He does not think for himself or for us, he just wants me to be happy. He does not want to set dreams in my heart for the future. He wants to fulfill my present dreams that I see. He teaches me whether he is with me or not, I have to be happy and good because he believes that whether he is with me or not in person, his shadow is with me all the time. I think about him every single second of my life and I believe he will always be there for me.

Whenever I am in trouble, I just remind myself of the loves of my life. First, the God, then my father, then my mother, and last but not the least, my angel. Without these people, I won’t be able to survive. It’s a message to all the youth from my side that love isn’t just having a good time, we have to give a lot in that without expecting anything back. And as I have mentioned earlier, “as there is no infidelity in God, there must be no infidelity in love either”.

Thoughts (a poem)

by Zoha Khalid
Islamabad, Pakistan

Sitting alone in my bed
Many thoughts came in mind
Thoughts of some happy things
That makes my all past rewind

Thoughts of childhood, when I was small
My mother always saves me from fall
I crawl and cry like turtle and snake
Chasing everyone and passing the ball
Everyone gives me sweet names
My elders start playing me sweet games
No worries, no tensions not at all
Having snapshots and making frames
Celebrating birthdays like wedding day
Spending so much money in the treats
Everyone came and gave me gifts
Makes my birthday beautiful and sweet
Thoughts of childhood, when I was small
My parents make me great and tall

Thoughts of when, I start going to school
So innocent beings so easy to fool
Making so many friends and foes
And thinking myself a head to rule
Teachers love me and make me sit
In their laps for a long time
And when I got uneasy and upset
They started revising me a rhyme
Whenever doing any mischief
And by chance having success in that
Saying to everyone, “Oh! That was nothing”
And be in everyone’s sights great
Thoughts of when I started going to school
Passed all classes and played my role

Thoughts of youth, when I reached adolescence
Started thinking useful, which made sense
But that was the most difficult period
When teens think good for all nonsense
Besides studies get engaged in other activities
Making myself groom with so many qualities
But all that mean time no one understands
That I was indulging myself in difficulties
Whatever elders say I thought that was wrong
Making own observations without thinking
Besides all realities I got caught up
And set myself in a boat for sinking
Attempting so many deeds which were good only for me
Never waiting for anything to happen and see
Thinking myself as a very good being
And making so many mistakes that were not seen
The only mistake made many others
This suddenly made my life flutter
Made vanish away my all best friends
Just because I left them for one trend
Never listen to anyone, but just me
The world was not sorry and never did I
But still some people were with me
Not only were with me but are with me
And not only are with me, but be always with me
And if they are with me I don’t need anyone with me
These are none other than my Mom and Dad
They colored those pages that were gone fade
Thinking of my past is not useful
But making my present is fruitful
Thoughts of youth, when I reached adolescence
Started realizing, how much it was nonsense

I m still in my bed, and thinking the same
People played me so many games
I m warm and healthy in my mattress
Not because of my blanket but my Mom’s caress
I m confident and strong and very free
Not because of myself, but because my dad trusts me
All that I get is everything for me
All the love I have is just for thee (parents)
But I have no regret on my past
Because I didn’t lose anything
From the grieves and worries of my past
The lesson I learned is everything
Whenever you are alone, you are not actually
Whenever you cry you didn’t cry yourself
The tears that fall on your face
Are not yours but of your Mother’s
The hands you raise to wipe them
Are not yours, but of your Father’s

The coolness you need in summer
Is really the care of your loved one’s
The warm blanket you put on in winter
Is really the hug of your Mother
The pain you receive is not at all yours
It is the small part of pain your Mother feels
The every small achievement you got is not only yours
But it’s the hardworking of your Father’s deeds

Sometimes we thing that god is not with us
This only happens when we think it
He is with us every time in life
And he will be for and after life Anything we think bad happens to us is
The best thing which can happen to us
He is with us, even when we are wrong
He is jus waiting for us to say sorry

Sometimes we think we lost everything But, that is the time everything is ours

Sitting alone in my bed Many thoughts came to my mind
Thoughts of some happy things
That made my all past rewind

I think myself the luckiest person because I have loving and caring parents and my best friend “ALLAH” – Zoha Khalid


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