Musical Sequel: “Loud”-ly making its way up!

by Javaria Atiya Waheed

“So maybe I am a masochist,
I try to run, But I don’t want to ever leave
Til the walls are going up
In smoke with all our memories”

A few months back, the whole world accepted that Rihanna and Eminem were the unstoppable ones after the release of the incredible “Love the Way you Lie???. And it seems that they have chosen to prove us right yet again: they ARE relentless. The duo is back, and with nothing else but a sequel to their chart-topper ???Love the Way you Lie”: a sequel which Rihanna described as a “challenge??? to MTV. The fame they scraped out of “Love the Way you Lie” didn’t seem to quench their thirst and so they decided to come back: this time Rihanna feat Eminem rather than the other way around. Featured in Rihanna’s album “Loud”, “Love the Way you Lie Part 2”has already been released as a single and is topping the charts as expected. The story has enveloped the world in its blanket again and its viewing on Youtube is on a phenomenal rise.

Rihanna and Eminem - Love the way you lie

Everyone in the music world has questioned the mental acuity of Rihanna and Eminem: why would someone want to release a sequel to a song which is already showing no signs of leaving people???s mind? Rihanna herself agreed that she had some qualms regarding the follow-up but then Eminem came up with a “sick” verse and the duo decided to give us a song, which together with the 1st part, has given a perfect love story. Better than Taylor Swift’s maybe.

The story is the same. So are the characters. The only thing that is different is the perspective. Where the 1st part gave us the story of the violent relationship from Eminem’s standpoint, this time we get to hear Rihanna’s side of the story. Slower beats but greater aggressiveness, Love the Way you Lie Part 2, is the brutal sequel to a smashing beginning. This time Eminem just has one verse to sing, but the force with which he has executed it, is outstanding: it is more like we can see his face with those lines of fury, following the girlfriend like “a lost puppy”. Rihanna???s voice lets us feel the pain and the way both the singers have put themselves in the shoes of the characters has given us a story to never forget. Rihanna’s album “Loud” is bound to top the charts: with songs such as “Only Girl (in the world)” which has already been included in Gossip Girl’s latest episode, the album is sitting on an out-of-the-way pinnacle, ready to smash loudly on the charts.

The only question in everyone’s mind now is this: how good will the new video be? Will Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan get us to the edge of our seats again, or will it be someone different? Time will tell, I guess. Until then,

”Just gonna stand there and watch me burn / that’s alright because I like the way it hurts/ just gonna stand there and hear me cry/ that’s alright because I love the way you lie/ I love the way you lie”.


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