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He (God) is with me

Spiritualityby Zoha Khalid
Islamabad, Pakistan

Some people spend their whole life in finding God or the signs of God. However, there is no need to find him because he is with us every moment. He is everywhere but there is only a need to feel him and understand his presence. Everyone needs him but no one realizes this. If there were no god then imagine to whom we would pray.

I found him when the flower blooms
And he appears when the sky is dark
Like a light we rush to when we are scared
We feel it difficult bit it’s not hard

He made me sleep well when I am tired
He made me listen to him, when he gives the advice
He comes down to me whenever I bow to him
He answered me my call whenever I cried

I am an ordinary person but when it is about the connection with God then I feel myself the luckiest person.

The first time I found him was the time I first hold a pen in my hand to write. I feel like he came and sit with me and says, “go on write anything…”
I replied, “I can’t, I may not be that much good to write over things”. He said, “You have that strength and thoughts which you can use to write good things and teach people what they should do and what they should not. At that moment, my father came to me when he saw me wondering in my own thoughts he scolded me as if I was joking and pretending to be mad. However, that was not true.

Few days passed and I was still confused by that voice which came to me when I was writing. I was so curious about that. Then again, I hold my pen and write,

“Oh, you people living on the earth
Why you are alive? Have you ever thought?
Is it just that you come and go?
Without doing good or having good

You are the most precious being of God Almighty
Don’t end up your lives in anxiety
Just raise your hands and silently pray
He’ll shower his blessings all your way”

After I finished writing above verses, I came to realize that was the voice of God or maybe some angel who wants me to give the message to the world that no one in the world is inferior. Everyone has a special reason to be alive.

God wanted me to do good to people by telling them the good thing. And that day I realized that I had met the God and from onwards whenever I hold my pen to write anything I can feel his presence beside me , helping me what I should write and what should be my thinking.

Right now, I can feel him with me right now. Because without him I am not able to write a single word.


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