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How I wish

How I wish by Javeria Nawed

by Javeria Nawed
Karachi, Pakistan

Wishing love & peaceWe’re often found facing ourselves with one of the most widely-understood-yet-immensely-haunting question: Have we, as humans, made the world rotten?

Look around yourself and you’ll be encircled by waves of shame. Dustbins are no more dustbins, to start with. They’re some ‘official witnesses” of the garbage humans create. Big yellow pits begging ‘use me’ are in fact an eyesore to many who prefer to leisurely consume and ignore. Ignore the responsibility of being a ‘human’.

And do we bother to replace the greens we’re so in a hurry to root off to feed our needs? The plants and trees which are a paradise for living organisms, what injustice are we doing to them? We’re dissolving the bird’s homes to build ours? Huh, what cruelty! The cars. We’re so fond of them. It hurts to walk a mile. After all, aren’t we the focus of the planet? Being the superior most creation? So it must be permissible to liberate tons of killing exhaust from our vehicles. Our comfort counts the most. Who would care about the atmospheric disgust while driving to their favourite eat-out?

If you dare to pretend that my bellowing horn couldn’t make you move an inch, be aware! I can jump off my cultus and tear you apart. Yes, sadly this is the ‘tolerance’ we supposedly- decent beings show. We’re always ready to cut and kill anyone who stands in our way. We’ve even lost the sense of conscience, a sense which distinguishes us from other creations. Isn’t it deplorable?

Moreover, I often see children ‘playing’ to their heart’s content in streets. That must be okay. What becomes unacceptable is when their ‘sport’ involves hitting and running innocent animals. Dogs and cats are stoned for fun, that’s what they call it. Now these little minds cannot be blamed for the choices they’re making. The fault is ours. The adults. How many of us actually stop and advice these youngs that animals are a living being? Honestly, this mind-your-own-business when the world’s decaying has already ruined us!

There’s also the issue of our love for new clothes and makeup and shaving blades. We have to look our best in our gatherings, meetings, parties, gyming, and what not. Do you know that the amount you spend in looking glamorous per month could pay off a poor child’s school fee? Or you knew but you preferred your sparkling hang outs? Probably the second one. Because that’s what we’ve become. Tears of our under privilege brothers and sisters is not ours to worry about. Blame the government for this unequal distribution of wealth. That’s a chicken way out: humans’ beloved excuse!

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” {Dalai Lama, a noble Buddhist}

This is what the humanity should strive for. This is what we’re born for. To cleanse ourselves of the injustice, to wash off our indignities, to pride in comforting others. Inner solace is the antidote we seek.

And having pointed out the everyday paradoxity,I wish I could possess the Elder Wand somehow. One flick and we would be transformed into a ‘human society’. A place for everyone to fit in, to love, to care, to worry, to cry.

Huh, how I wish.

Ethnic cleansing: a curse to humanity

Racism - Ethnic Cleansingby Shibabrata SenChaudhury

This is an era of globalization where the entire world has started to get well knitted in the form a village. People from most of the urban sites on earth are now happily living together as a multi-ethnic society and almost every event is celebrated like a cosmopolitan festive occasion. In spite of all these pros, there still exist several cons in the name of ethnic cleansing. Many people of the minority group in places around the world are yet living their lives condemned of the personal views toward the society.

There are several countries where the term ‘ethnic cleansing’ is relevant in the form of civil wars, discrimination towards the minorities and many other political factors. The continent that has mostly engraved its name in such practices is Africa. Genocide in Darfur zone of Sudan, politically motivated civil war by Mugabe’s Zanu party in Zimbabwe and civil war in DR Congo are few of the examples being put forward to highlight such terror-stricken act on earth. Thousands of cops raped women and many children were made orphans as the aftermath of these riots. It would remain biased if only Africa is mentioned as the place for giving rise to ethnic cleansing. Such incidents happen in several other places across the globe in smaller or larger shapes, and not just observed in the Third world nations; but also noticed in many developed nations.

Illiteracy is the biggest reason for giving rise to such horror-struck situations from time to time on earth. However, chauvinistic believes towards one’s race or community and envy towards the others are the major reasons that ignite ethnic cleansing. The crossover time had come and gone to maintain peace between people, irrespective of race or community. But, the term ‘ethnic cleansing’ hasn’t yet been wiped out of the dictionary because many people still carry the latent feeling of hate towards other communities. The multi-ethnic society should live more open-heartedly with each other rather than negotiating or reconciling themselves to the people of other communities.

Ethnic cleansing not just results in millions of deaths, but also leaves behind several traumatic minds and a destabilized economic structure at place. Millions of people are found to emigrate from one place to another in order to safeguard themselves. It causes an imbalance in the lifestyle and economy of the neighboring places too. In many cases it is observed that such clashes are politically initiated to gain the political clout of certain zones. The ruling government of every country need to workout on this area – where they can provide basic education and moral values to every citizen to such an extent that they never get brainwashed by the wrong people with wrong motives.

We all need to understand the meaning of globalization in its true form and spirit to come out of the darkness caused by ethnic cleansing in several minds.


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