Kasandra Perkins murdered by own boyfriend Jovan Belcher

Jovan Belcher killed Kasandra Perkins and did suicideJovan Belcher’s girlfriend Kasandra Perkins was murdered by none other than Jovan himself has sadenned the football fans worldwide.

Reports are now claiming that the relationship between Kasandra Perkins and Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher was not that good and they were having tensed relations. The relationship ended in a shooting incident when Jovan Belcher shot her with a gun in his hands.

This murder cum suicide incident is an unfortunate incident in the history of football. Jovan gew up in West Babylon, New York and played in his high school before he took admission in University of Maine.

Their love life was very challenging and that had its impact on this incident.

Kasandra’s cousin Angela Perkins also told media that Kasandra & Jovan’s relationship was not that good especially after birth of their daughter. They had lot of stress because Kasandra was about to have a baby and Jovan was about to start his season.

Jovan’s fans all over the world are sad because of the unfortunate death he had alongwith his girlfriend.

Brad Pitt's "Killing Them Softly" released; hit or flop?

Killing Them Softly - Brad Pit

Killing Them Softly - Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt’s fans were waiting anxiously for this movie. Yes “Killing Them Softly” has been released on Friday. So far the movie has made over $7 million but critics are still skeptical about movie’s success.

“I love Brad Pitt. He is gonna rock!” said a cheering fan at a cinema house in US.

Ann Romney motivating & urging undecided voters to fall in love with her husband as she did

Wonderful speech was delivered by Ann Romney today. Ann Romney the amazing women that has suffered with illness, miscarriage and what not but struggled and emerged with grace.

Ann Romney Speech motivation undecided voters

Ann Romney urging undecided voters to fall in love with her husband as she did.

There was a day when Ann Romney along with her husband was standing in doctor???s office and heard the bad news, the diagnosis report. In such situation no one can even image that she would be on-stage like the way she was tonight. Ann Romney said she didn???t live a marriage that one can find in storybooks instead she and her husband have faced many hardships. But they still lived the love of their life, a love that have withstand by everything.

Now I don’t know what your opinion about this speech is? How would I know since it all depends on your previous feelings about Ann Romney which may have changed either if you have watched it on the television or going to hear about it.

CBS has conducted poll about it, according to which around thirty-two percent said they didn’t know enough about Ann Romney to give any opinion. Today’s speed can be kind of introductory message about Ann Romney thoughts, ideas & campaigns for those thirty-two percent.

Ann Romney where discussed many other things also talked about, how they eat tuna fish and pasta as a newlywed couple, how they have enjoyed the beginning of their married life. Ann Romney also threw some light on how women have to keep the household in their minds regardless whatever they are doing etc

In short Ann Romney has delivered a great speech, there might be many people having different may be negative thoughts about her husband “Mitt Romney” but after her speech there are bright chances that the views would have got new directions now.

How I wish

How I wish by Javeria Nawed

by Javeria Nawed
Karachi, Pakistan

Wishing love & peaceWe’re often found facing ourselves with one of the most widely-understood-yet-immensely-haunting question: Have we, as humans, made the world rotten?

Look around yourself and you’ll be encircled by waves of shame. Dustbins are no more dustbins, to start with. They’re some ‘official witnesses” of the garbage humans create. Big yellow pits begging ‘use me’ are in fact an eyesore to many who prefer to leisurely consume and ignore. Ignore the responsibility of being a ‘human’.

And do we bother to replace the greens we’re so in a hurry to root off to feed our needs? The plants and trees which are a paradise for living organisms, what injustice are we doing to them? We’re dissolving the bird’s homes to build ours? Huh, what cruelty! The cars. We’re so fond of them. It hurts to walk a mile. After all, aren’t we the focus of the planet? Being the superior most creation? So it must be permissible to liberate tons of killing exhaust from our vehicles. Our comfort counts the most. Who would care about the atmospheric disgust while driving to their favourite eat-out?

If you dare to pretend that my bellowing horn couldn’t make you move an inch, be aware! I can jump off my cultus and tear you apart. Yes, sadly this is the ‘tolerance’ we supposedly- decent beings show. We’re always ready to cut and kill anyone who stands in our way. We’ve even lost the sense of conscience, a sense which distinguishes us from other creations. Isn’t it deplorable?

Moreover, I often see children ‘playing’ to their heart’s content in streets. That must be okay. What becomes unacceptable is when their ‘sport’ involves hitting and running innocent animals. Dogs and cats are stoned for fun, that’s what they call it. Now these little minds cannot be blamed for the choices they’re making. The fault is ours. The adults. How many of us actually stop and advice these youngs that animals are a living being? Honestly, this mind-your-own-business when the world’s decaying has already ruined us!

There’s also the issue of our love for new clothes and makeup and shaving blades. We have to look our best in our gatherings, meetings, parties, gyming, and what not. Do you know that the amount you spend in looking glamorous per month could pay off a poor child’s school fee? Or you knew but you preferred your sparkling hang outs? Probably the second one. Because that’s what we’ve become. Tears of our under privilege brothers and sisters is not ours to worry about. Blame the government for this unequal distribution of wealth. That’s a chicken way out: humans’ beloved excuse!

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” {Dalai Lama, a noble Buddhist}

This is what the humanity should strive for. This is what we’re born for. To cleanse ourselves of the injustice, to wash off our indignities, to pride in comforting others. Inner solace is the antidote we seek.

And having pointed out the everyday paradoxity,I wish I could possess the Elder Wand somehow. One flick and we would be transformed into a ‘human society’. A place for everyone to fit in, to love, to care, to worry, to cry.

Huh, how I wish.

He (God) is with me

Spiritualityby Zoha Khalid
Islamabad, Pakistan

Some people spend their whole life in finding God or the signs of God. However, there is no need to find him because he is with us every moment. He is everywhere but there is only a need to feel him and understand his presence. Everyone needs him but no one realizes this. If there were no god then imagine to whom we would pray.

I found him when the flower blooms
And he appears when the sky is dark
Like a light we rush to when we are scared
We feel it difficult bit it’s not hard

He made me sleep well when I am tired
He made me listen to him, when he gives the advice
He comes down to me whenever I bow to him
He answered me my call whenever I cried

I am an ordinary person but when it is about the connection with God then I feel myself the luckiest person.

The first time I found him was the time I first hold a pen in my hand to write. I feel like he came and sit with me and says, “go on write anything…”
I replied, “I can’t, I may not be that much good to write over things”. He said, “You have that strength and thoughts which you can use to write good things and teach people what they should do and what they should not. At that moment, my father came to me when he saw me wondering in my own thoughts he scolded me as if I was joking and pretending to be mad. However, that was not true.

Few days passed and I was still confused by that voice which came to me when I was writing. I was so curious about that. Then again, I hold my pen and write,

“Oh, you people living on the earth
Why you are alive? Have you ever thought?
Is it just that you come and go?
Without doing good or having good

You are the most precious being of God Almighty
Don’t end up your lives in anxiety
Just raise your hands and silently pray
He’ll shower his blessings all your way”

After I finished writing above verses, I came to realize that was the voice of God or maybe some angel who wants me to give the message to the world that no one in the world is inferior. Everyone has a special reason to be alive.

God wanted me to do good to people by telling them the good thing. And that day I realized that I had met the God and from onwards whenever I hold my pen to write anything I can feel his presence beside me , helping me what I should write and what should be my thinking.

Right now, I can feel him with me right now. Because without him I am not able to write a single word.

Blood (Poem)

Bloodby Zoha Khalid
Islamabad, Pakistan

False dreams, false people, false world
Each hand is dirty with the blood

My utmost desire to again reveal
The wonders that die long ago
The treasures about thy, regale
Fluttered in mind, in heart grow
But the desires are never ending flood
Each hand is dirty with the blood

My corniest, attributes, prevails
The boat on sea, with wave it sails
Mysteries thy, told, stories thy tell
To make me determined, they always fails
No one is pure as a beautiful bud
Each hand is dirty with the blood

Growing in the massive, disastrous way
Even no time to settle and pray
Walk or run, but be the best
No one cares, they always say
After every thunder rain, I am covered with mud
Each hand is dirty with the blood

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